Tea Partey with My Homeys

Oh man. If anyone knows New England, this will have you shooting tea from your nose!

Peace out. Word.


Isn't He Dreamy?

As a rule, I am not a big fan of Sony. The company's notoriety for trying to run a successful business by simultaneously attempting to lock-in consumer behaviour and piss-off their entire consumer base is puzzling. Let's just highlight a few such examples - the Sony "Memory Sticks"; the repeated delay of the PS3 console and it exorbitant $800 price tag; the very, very, very bad DRM public relations disaster; the Blue Ray v. HD-DVD debacle; and the most recent, the recall of millions of Dell and MAC laptop batteries manufactured by Sony.

Don't get me wrong - I own a PSP, PS2 and I thoroughly enjoy the gaming experience on both of my consoles. But, be honest, was the UMD really necessary? Or was that just another lurid example of Sony's creation of propriety hardware to force consumers to buy only their products (I mean, didn't they learn anything from the failed Mini-Disc?) I recognize that, like any company, Sony is out to make a profit, but is this really the way to do it? Sales 101 teaches you to build credibility with your clients and Sony has clearly missed the boat on this basic sales fundamental.

Ok, ok, enough Sony bashing. Apart from my gaming consoles, there is one other Sony product I DO in fact like: the QRIO, aka "Dream Robot." With my birthday fast approaching, I wouldn't be oppposed to getting of these little robot-boys. Granted, I have no idea what I would do with a bijillion dollar robot (slight exageration) that has a 1 hour battery life (truth). It would be cute for about 2 weeks, until my dogs would appropriate it as their new destructo-toy. But, since I saw these robots dance in Beck's "Hell Yes" video, I have been curiously intrigued by their fluid, almost human-like motions.

Perhaps you too will find them Dreamy?


New TSA Mandatory Dress Codes

Welcome to the future of flying, where we will be mandated to wear nothing but our birthday suits (hats off to RyanAir who posted this on their website). Honestly, given the pain in the arse it has become to get on and off a plane, I may willingly opt to fly sans clothes. If it means I'd recapture the many hours of my life spent queueing, I'll be the first to disrobe.

All kidding aside, I do appreciate the good work that airport employees are doing to keep me safe. While the whole airport experience is about as pleasant as a colonoscopy, I try not to complain. In my humble opinion, these people don't get paid NEARLY enough money to put up with the vicious impatience of irate passengers. I cannot think of another job where you are guaranteed to work with ungrateful, downright nasty people on pretty much a day-to-day basis. I have personally witnessed amazing - no, SAINTLY - displays of patience, forbearance and grace in the face of some less than ideal conditions.

So, next time you fly, smile and thank the good people at the airport, it will go a long way.

Hell, you'll probably benefit from some nice warm and fuzzies and karmic points. Or maybe even get bumped up to first class ;)

P.S. Yes, dear reader, you are not doubt commenting on the fact that this is yet another flight-related blog posting. I am waiting for the Blog Board to threaten to pull my funding if I don't cough up more diverse subject matters. Rest assured that more variety is forthcoming. I am basking in the glow of a wonderful weekend today, which is guaranteed to inspire.


If I Were An Andy Warhol, I Would Look Like This

If I had watched the "Ring" videotape, and anyone tried to take a picture of me before my untimely death, I would look like this:

And, if I were a comic book character, I would look like this:

And, if I was sketched in pencil, I would look like this:

And, if I were a female Jesus and could pick my "glow", I would look like this:

Ok, clearly I am procrastinating. I needed a diversion...hence the pictures I just took with my PhotoBooth. I have an apartment that needs cleaning and bags that need to be packed for my trip to Seattle tomorrow. But I just can't. I m too sad. My sister is leaving for Italy this week and I just told her goodbye. I am so excited for her, and I will see her in just 5 months (and perhaps sooner, if I visit her), but I already miss her. And it hurts. A lot. I am seriously fighting tears.

Good luck munchkin and have the time of your life. I'll miss you, but will smile knowing you are going to leave an indelible mark in Europe. Have fun and take some beautiful pictures for me.

I am saddened by my sister's departure to Italy, so I look like this:

Ciao Bella.


English Football Hooliganism

I was pleasantly surprised by my most recent Netflix arrival, Green Street Hooligans. My sister end I sat down to watch it Saturday afternoon, after a LONG day of moving, unpacking and resulting exhaustion. I didn't know much about it, other than a friend mentioned it in passing, so I thought "what the hell, let's add it to my queue." I'm very glad that I did.

Putting aside that this is an incredibly violent and realistically graphic movie, it has gained a place on my top 100 films list (those with a weak stomach for such violence - like me - might need to avert your eyes during some scenes). The Elijah Wood casting, which at first blush might seem odd, was good. You quickly forget the Hobbit Frodo when you see him launch his first punch. It took some getting used to ("Hey, Frodo, you're 3 feet tall hobbit, you might want to rethink punching that beefy Englishman"), but after the first 5 minutes, the Frodo-stigma was shed. And, Charlie Hunnam who played Pete Dunham, the leader of the Green Street Gang (or "firm") was not only very pleasing to the eye, but his balanced portrayal of a brutal street fighter by night, school teacher by day was impressive. I'd never seen him before, but was shocked to learn that he played the nasty-looking albino from Cold Mountain. What I found most unexpected was that this very masculine, testosterone-laden movie was directed by a woman.

Putting aside a somewhat weak script (some admittedly predictable plot twists), the directing and great acting were powerful. This movie moved me. I know - it's odd that it had such an effect on me, but it's probably because as of late, I have been doing some serious thinking about friendship and loyalty (ask me later). Despite the bone crushing, face smashing visceral brutality of the movie, it was a keen portrayal of the loyalty of true friends...even if the individuals in question are street thugs. It is best summed up by this film quote, "You know the best part? It isn't knowing that your friends have your back. It's knowing that you have your friends' back."


Germs on a Plane

Alright...I know, your eyes are rolling to the back of your head. "Enough with the Snakes on a Plane jokes," I can hear you telling yourself.

But, I couldn't resist. I had to go there.

I had to post something since it's been a couple of days and I didn't want another stern rebuke from my "Blog Board." I managed to catch a nasty, nasty bug from one of my many recent flights and I have been in bed for the last 2 days(and no, Airborne didn't help). To make matters worse, I am sick on a business trip and am convalescing in my lovely Sheraton Hotel room. I am not even in my own bed. So, dear readers, please be kind.

Truth be told, I cannot take credit for the title of today's entry title (creator of this pun, I thank you). But I had to use it. It made you chuckle just a little, didn't it? Not even a teensy-weensy little smile? Or maybe you were laughing inside...yeah, that's it.

Ok - enough of my delirious idiocies. More coherent lunacies to follow when I am back on my feet again, and most importantly, back home.


Snakes on a Plane - They Have Finally Landed

After a long, long, and patient wait, Snakes on a Plane is finally being released! This film promises to be the ultimate cheese-fest, but I am looking forward to the festering, putrid smell - bring it on!

There is a small gang of us planning to see the film next Sunday, the 20th at 4:15 at the Loews on Tremont Street. So, come one, come all.

Hey, if the movie sucks, the after-movie dinner promises to be a real hoot!


We're Going to Vegas Baby, Terrorists be Damned!

It has been a record lapse since my last entry, and for that, a bijillion apologies to my loyal readers...or remaining reader. Thanks to Vijay for the proverbial kick in the pants, when he admonished me: "You must be ridiculously busy? 2 weeks and no blog entry? Your faithful readers DEMAND that you post an entry toute de suite!!! It doesn't even need to be creative or funny. We just need to know you are still out there."

So, Vijay, this is for you. And, yes, I am still alive and kicking...barely.

Let's talk about Las Vegas, good 'ole bastion of debauchery oddly located smack dab in the middle of a desert. I have been going to said oasis once a year for the last four years and flew home last night from my yearly pilgrimage. Hands down, this year's trip is by far the most memorable - ever. My body has been pushed to record levels of sleep and food deprivation and I couldn't be more pleased. Since "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas," details will not be forthcoming. Needless to say, I will never forget this trip.

Unfortunately, my flight home from Vegas coincided with the discovery of the massive terrorist airplane plot. While I am very grateful this horrible plot was foiled, I was very shaken and nervous about my flight home. I have had too many brushes with terror - I was living in NYC and flying home from Europe on 9-11 when my flight was diverted to Newfoundland. I spent that entire week living on church pews before being allowed to return to the U.S; My sister and I were in London the day of the Tube bombings and I was flying on the day of the "shoe bomber." As you can imagine, I was very happy to make it home and hug my two dogs.

I would like to say that I will not need to fly until the terror threat subsides, but my new job promotion has me traveling so much this month, I might as well buy property at Logan and live there permanently. I am not looking forward to my many work-related trips, but I refuse to let terrorists make me live my life in fear. This is the mantra that kept me going when I lived in NYC throughout the many post 9-11 scares (anthrax etc.), and I will continue to hold fast to these words.

The travel will slow down next month, but for now, I press on. Terrorists be damned.