Germs on a Plane

Alright...I know, your eyes are rolling to the back of your head. "Enough with the Snakes on a Plane jokes," I can hear you telling yourself.

But, I couldn't resist. I had to go there.

I had to post something since it's been a couple of days and I didn't want another stern rebuke from my "Blog Board." I managed to catch a nasty, nasty bug from one of my many recent flights and I have been in bed for the last 2 days(and no, Airborne didn't help). To make matters worse, I am sick on a business trip and am convalescing in my lovely Sheraton Hotel room. I am not even in my own bed. So, dear readers, please be kind.

Truth be told, I cannot take credit for the title of today's entry title (creator of this pun, I thank you). But I had to use it. It made you chuckle just a little, didn't it? Not even a teensy-weensy little smile? Or maybe you were laughing inside...yeah, that's it.

Ok - enough of my delirious idiocies. More coherent lunacies to follow when I am back on my feet again, and most importantly, back home.


Anonymous Vijay said...

Way to hang in there, soldier! “The Blog Board” applauds your tenacity and determination to keep blogging despite overwhelming obstacles. This still doesn’t make up for your unapproved three week vacation, however.

2:01 PM


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