My Candid Confession

It's been a while since my last post, but I m still here. My head is barely sticking out above the bijillion packing boxes, but I am here. But I need to to talk to you dear reader. Rather than persist in dissapointing you, I need to come clean.

Here I go.

Until I finally settle into my new California digs, my postings will be sporadic. I know, I know - life is hard without me - the reason you get up every day for work, the reason your life has meaning (leave me with my illusions ok?) Believe me, I want to do more, but trust me when I tell you that my blogging will be very consistent once I make it out to the "other" coast. A combination of homesickness, and the inundation of new sights, smells, sound and culture will all be ample fodder. I know I am beginning to sound like Chicken Little, but I promise.

Anyhoo - as I already mentioned, I am neck deep in packing boxes. I am doing my best not to slowly go insane before I head out. The move has been in the works for so long, I just want to be there already. Beam me up Scotty....NOW!

Needless to say my apartment is a little pathetic right now. Apart from the fact that it resembles a cardboard maze, it is sorely lacking in Christmas cheer. Normally, I buy a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and put up my tasteful and subtle decorations. A wreath goes up on my front door and my Itunes holiday playlists start stretching their legs. And, like a little kid on Christmas morning, I cannot wait for the first sign of sunset, so that I can light my Christmas tree and bask in the warm glow of its scintillating bulbs and savour the sweet smell of pine. The absence of said tree is slightly disheartening, and I keep needing to remind myself that Christmas really is only three weeks away.

It's all worth it in the end. On December 28th, I will commence the long trek cross country (yep, driving) to be in my new home.

P.S. If anyone has a desire to lose some holiday poundage, I can supply some good exercise! Come help my load the truck on the 27th, and I promise you'll lose at least 2 of those suckers.


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