Isn't He Dreamy?

As a rule, I am not a big fan of Sony. The company's notoriety for trying to run a successful business by simultaneously attempting to lock-in consumer behaviour and piss-off their entire consumer base is puzzling. Let's just highlight a few such examples - the Sony "Memory Sticks"; the repeated delay of the PS3 console and it exorbitant $800 price tag; the very, very, very bad DRM public relations disaster; the Blue Ray v. HD-DVD debacle; and the most recent, the recall of millions of Dell and MAC laptop batteries manufactured by Sony.

Don't get me wrong - I own a PSP, PS2 and I thoroughly enjoy the gaming experience on both of my consoles. But, be honest, was the UMD really necessary? Or was that just another lurid example of Sony's creation of propriety hardware to force consumers to buy only their products (I mean, didn't they learn anything from the failed Mini-Disc?) I recognize that, like any company, Sony is out to make a profit, but is this really the way to do it? Sales 101 teaches you to build credibility with your clients and Sony has clearly missed the boat on this basic sales fundamental.

Ok, ok, enough Sony bashing. Apart from my gaming consoles, there is one other Sony product I DO in fact like: the QRIO, aka "Dream Robot." With my birthday fast approaching, I wouldn't be oppposed to getting of these little robot-boys. Granted, I have no idea what I would do with a bijillion dollar robot (slight exageration) that has a 1 hour battery life (truth). It would be cute for about 2 weeks, until my dogs would appropriate it as their new destructo-toy. But, since I saw these robots dance in Beck's "Hell Yes" video, I have been curiously intrigued by their fluid, almost human-like motions.

Perhaps you too will find them Dreamy?


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