If I Were An Andy Warhol, I Would Look Like This

If I had watched the "Ring" videotape, and anyone tried to take a picture of me before my untimely death, I would look like this:

And, if I were a comic book character, I would look like this:

And, if I was sketched in pencil, I would look like this:

And, if I were a female Jesus and could pick my "glow", I would look like this:

Ok, clearly I am procrastinating. I needed a diversion...hence the pictures I just took with my PhotoBooth. I have an apartment that needs cleaning and bags that need to be packed for my trip to Seattle tomorrow. But I just can't. I m too sad. My sister is leaving for Italy this week and I just told her goodbye. I am so excited for her, and I will see her in just 5 months (and perhaps sooner, if I visit her), but I already miss her. And it hurts. A lot. I am seriously fighting tears.

Good luck munchkin and have the time of your life. I'll miss you, but will smile knowing you are going to leave an indelible mark in Europe. Have fun and take some beautiful pictures for me.

I am saddened by my sister's departure to Italy, so I look like this:

Ciao Bella.


Anonymous Priscilla said...

I'll miss you too!

5:33 PM

Blogger irshal said...

WAHOOO - Colin Farrell sighting in Dublin!

12:28 AM


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