New TSA Mandatory Dress Codes

Welcome to the future of flying, where we will be mandated to wear nothing but our birthday suits (hats off to RyanAir who posted this on their website). Honestly, given the pain in the arse it has become to get on and off a plane, I may willingly opt to fly sans clothes. If it means I'd recapture the many hours of my life spent queueing, I'll be the first to disrobe.

All kidding aside, I do appreciate the good work that airport employees are doing to keep me safe. While the whole airport experience is about as pleasant as a colonoscopy, I try not to complain. In my humble opinion, these people don't get paid NEARLY enough money to put up with the vicious impatience of irate passengers. I cannot think of another job where you are guaranteed to work with ungrateful, downright nasty people on pretty much a day-to-day basis. I have personally witnessed amazing - no, SAINTLY - displays of patience, forbearance and grace in the face of some less than ideal conditions.

So, next time you fly, smile and thank the good people at the airport, it will go a long way.

Hell, you'll probably benefit from some nice warm and fuzzies and karmic points. Or maybe even get bumped up to first class ;)

P.S. Yes, dear reader, you are not doubt commenting on the fact that this is yet another flight-related blog posting. I am waiting for the Blog Board to threaten to pull my funding if I don't cough up more diverse subject matters. Rest assured that more variety is forthcoming. I am basking in the glow of a wonderful weekend today, which is guaranteed to inspire.


Anonymous Vijay said...

We, the “blog board”, feel that the musings as of late, haven’t meandered nearly quite enough.
After all this blog is entitled “Meandering Musings” not “Meandering Musings in an Airport.”

1:59 PM


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