Me and Jimmy Stewart

I was out for an evening stroll with Mr. Jimmy Stewart the other night, and one of our friends captured a tender moment. I felt so glamorous and the dress I was wearing was a real steal at Nordie's Rack. The martini was just the way I like them: straight up, slightly dirty with three olives. And Jimmy, well, he was a perfect gentlemen - a virtual Romeo who swept me off my feet.

Ok, ok. No, Jimmy Stewart is not my boyfriend (although he does look quite handsome and debonair in that picture). My real boyfriend (who is MUCH, MUCH more handsome and debonair than Mr. Stewart) photoshopped this today, and I can't believe what a good job he did! Unbeknownst to him, he happened to chose a picture from the set of "The Philadelphia Story", a play I did when I was in law school. I love the irony.

For those who are curious, here is the original picture:


Blogger Nilay said...

Very cool! Lookin' good!

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