I've got to make this short, as my drugs are about to kick in. My moments of lucidity have been brief this week due to some pretty intense pain medications. The long and short of it - my lower back gave out (I was just standing), and then I got a killer flu. The bad combination of pain, coughing, sneezing and some other unknowns caused me to have an oh so Victorian moment on Monday morning. I passed out, and scared the you-know-what out of my boyfriend by convulsing while I was unconscious. This led me straight to the emergency room, and after many tests and 6 hours later, I came home with lots of drugs.

I'm on the mend, but still feeling quite ill. My boyfriend has been a gem...no an utter rock-star by taking care of my invalid, doped-up self. Seriously, lord only knows what would have happened had he not been there.

So, until I am better and come down from my meds, I will not subject you to my babbles. I will be back. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.


Support a Good Cause!

Every year, I focus on a worthy organization where I can donate money, volunteer etc. I have given this a lot of thought, and decided to devote my time and efforts to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. One of my wonderful co-workers is a leukemia survivor, and I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting a number of other lymphoma survivors this past year. Unfortunately, I have also met people who have lost loved ones to the ravages of this disease.

All of these encounters, and encouragement from a very close friend of mine (you know who you are) have persuaded me to join Team in Training, an organization which brings people together who are raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The basic idea - we all train for a Lymphoma event together (in this case, it's a triathalon taking place in San Diego on July 1) and work together to raise the money for a very ambitious donation goal. The kick-off meeting is Saturday the 27th, and after that, we meet 2-3 times a week to train.

So, if any of you readers care to make a donation to this worthy cause, please drop me a note. Every little bit counts, and your support will mean the world to me (especially as I suffer the aches and pains from biking, running and swimming). And, if you are so inclined, I encourage to find a Team in Training organization near you!


Snow in Malibu = End of the World?

Ok God, what gives???

On January 27th, I officially said goodbye to my Cambridge apartment. Along with the able assistance of my family, friends and boyfriend, I carefully loaded all my belongings into a Penske truck and hoisted my precious car onto a tow dolly. It was a long day of lifting, carrying and climbing, but it was done. And all through it, I smiled.

On January 28th at 7:00am, Allan and I climbed into our 14 footer, and girded our loins to spend the next 6 days in this far-from luxurious truck cab. After lots of hugs, goodbyes and tears, we pulled out onto Route 2 and commenced the Westward trek. Despite the tears, I smiled on.

For the next 6 days, we consistently drove 12 hours a day. I won't lie, it wasn't easy and we were exhausted at the end of every day. We had some fun (notable were the stops at Laughlin, NV, the poor man's Vegas and the beautiful states of AZ and NM), but as a whole, it was challenging - we had to spent New Year's Eve in a cheap hotel in Amarillo, Texas when the I-40 was shut down due to ice storms; we drove through teeth-clenching, rage-inducing bumper to bumper traffic in New Mexico (seriously, people got out of their cars and build snow men while waiting for ANY movement); I had to watch the oil slowly leak out of my car after a wayward rock smashed the oil pan (it cost me $600 to fix!). I think you get the idea. Despite these patience-testing trials, I smiled on.

When we pulled into our driveway in California on January 4th, I was ecstatic. Never mind that I was now a California resident...I didn't have to be in that *&!@#@ truck anymore. We made it. We survived the long haul, and didn't kill each other along the way!

Many of you must be asking - why in the world did you want to drive cross-country, but most importantly, why were you smiling the whole time??? In answer to the first question - I have always wanted to drive cross-country and I don't regret doing it. But, I will never do it again. More importantly, the answer to the second question. Why was I smiling?


Because the warmer shores of California were waiting for me. Beckoning to me. Calling me. I could permanently pack away the bulky winter sweaters, Timberland snow boots and long underwear. The shovel and ice pick that resided in the trunk of my car could be retired. Snow tires, numb fingertips and salt-stained shoes would be a thing of the past.

Or so I thought...

It's been warmer in Boston then it has in Southern California ... California has had more snow than Beantown ... These are clearly frightening signs of global warming, but seriously God, couldn't you have at least let me enjoy a little Southern California sunshine?