She's Back... Finally...But in A Different Place

I am finally recovering from my long blogging absence.

Now, don't go judging me - It was a conscious decision on my part, as I buckled down for a very challenging past two months. Work had me traveling on almost a daily basis, and I have been wrestling with some pretty weighty (but good) decisions. Given that I barely had time to sleep, much less exercise (gulp)- alas - blogging took a back seat to the more pressing matters of my life.

But, my respite is over. My self-imposed blogging exile is no more. The blogging board has been very vocal about their displeasure over my silence, but I did receive written permission from the same to take a wee break. And for that, I thank you profusely.

So, from now on, my blogging will resume with the same pointless vigour that I had when I commenced this on-line journal. But, there will be one big difference. . . .

[Insert drum roll and suspensful music]

An East Coast girl I will not longer be. You read it right. I am leaving jolly old Boston for the warmer shores of California.

More to come soon. I promise.


Anonymous Jim said...

Say what? Where in CA? Is there a job change too? You can't just throw stuff out like that without details...

Seriously, good for you, I miss living there at times.

9:33 AM

Blogger irshal said...

Hehehe....all the stars aligned perfectly. I am still doing the same job, just on the other side of the country. I have wanted to be on the West Coast for a long time now, so this is going to be swell ;)

9:36 AM

Anonymous Heather said...

when are you coming out? I'm headed for Texas soon...call me, fill me in...have the same number

12:48 PM


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