Ok . . . I am Ashamed to Admit This, But . . .

I thoroughly enjoyed "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle." I've never considered myself a "Naked Gun" sorta gal, but this movie had me laughing my a$$ off. Many people have recommended this film, and I finally ordered it on Netflix and it arrived today - I still cannot wipe the stupid grin off my face that this movie put there. Not to mention, there is something about that Kal Penn. I cannot put my finger on it, but this guy's comic timing, delivery, and looks are a nice combination.

Also, "Snakes on Planes", the first movie I blogged about will be released on August 18th (yehaw!), and as one of my friend's pointed out in an e-mail to me today, "There are few things in this life that I can think of that are more entertaining than hearing Samuel L. Jackson say "there are mother#$%^in snakes on this mother#$%^in plane" In fact, I am giggling to myself like a 2nd grader as I type these words."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Now, about those Snakes on Planes T-shirts that I really want . . .I am still waiting!


Blogger Kala said...

I've never used Netflix but heard about it - how do u like the service? And as for the post - at least I have an idea of what kinda guys you find interesting hehe =)

4:55 AM

Blogger Nilay said...

there's NO shame in loving a great movie! :) Sadly, after ending up in the Caribbean for medical school my friends have likened me to Kumar....

12:36 AM


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