I Don't Remember Moving to Seattle

I woke up this morning at some ungodly hour - 5am - and for whatever reason, was as alert as a chipmunk on steroids (ok...I've never seen a chipmunk on steroids, but the imagery works no?) I did go to bed pretty darn early, but nothing to warrant being so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while the sun was still dormant (ooo - I may keep the "chipmunkeries" going throughout this whole entry!) So, I leaped out of bed, put my hair in a pony tail, threw an old pair of jeans on and proceeded to commence my day. I washed dishes, I folded clothes, I cleaned up my office and continued working on a presentation for a very large, very important work meeting this week (which could potentially explain my 5am wake-up). I felt good.

Then the sun came up, and it all went away.

Rain....more rain. The sky a dark billowy nasty color, ominously looking above me.

And then the rain clouds began to taunt me, tease me. . ."You want to see the sun?", they say to me, "Here you go."

And slowly, the clouds part to reveal a brilliant blue sky, while the sun's rays cast beautiful hues and shadows on the ground beneath it. Just as quickly, the rain clouds return to cast their darkness. "You'll get to see the sun again, but not for a couple of days."

Haven't we suffered enough rain clouds? We gave up our entire weekend for you, not to mention most of our summer. For the love of everything sacred, when will it end?? I hope my supplications will convince the the rain clouds to show mercy and allow the sun to make an appearance for the weekend of the 4th.


Blogger irshal said...

It worked!! The sun has been out all day :)

2:53 PM

Blogger Nilay said...

Not here... pretty cloudy near NYC... AND, I missed out on hiking and Golf last weekend because of the rain!

9:17 PM

Blogger irshal said...

You play golf now???? Oh no, what happened to my sweet Nilay?

9:52 PM

Blogger Kala said...

Glad you got some sun out - I would almost feel guilty to be enjoying all the sun to myself - this was a fun post to read - it almost felt like I was watching a cartoon with snow white and the chipmunks on steroids. I hope there are more rainy days just for my senseless joy of amusement at little chipmunks running madly around the house.

7:43 AM

Blogger Nilay said...

I wanted to play... remember, I'm a doctor, I'm supposed to! But I haven't actually played yet... I hit some buckets at the driving range 4 years ago with Joe... but nothing since then! :)

11:47 PM


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