I Couldn't Have Sung It Better Myself

Ok, so I don't own a honda, nor am I advocating that everyone go out and buy one. However, the company recently went home with two Cleo award for these amazing television ads. Being an ardent vocalist, I was seriously wowed by this (and for you doubters, they REALLY did this. I saw the making of this video):

I also was tickled by this great Rube Goldberg-like vision of the car:

Enjoy ;)


Blogger Kala said...

gosh, i wish I had as much time as you - bewteen my several jobs, coaching, working out - I dont ever seen to have enuf time to sleep - I watched the first video but not the seconf - although I have to say, it all has become clear to me now as to hoe special sound effects come from hehe ;)

4:53 AM

Blogger Kala said...

ack - forgive the typos

4:54 AM


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