Fabio and His Lovely Locks

Last night, my friend Joel and I met up at Shays for some drinks, nachos and yummy pub-food. We both had just landed at Logan after attending some out-of-town meetings, and I was in dire need of some good company, grub and relaxation. (If, dear readers, you are ever looking for a good place to grab a brew and relax, I highly recommend Shays).

So, Joel and I are sitting at the bar and eating our oh-so-unhealthy dinners. We opted to sit indoors rather than sit in their patio so that we could enjoy the cool, refreshing air-conditioning. We happened to glance outside to the patio, and noticed two men sitting at the table. One of the men, who we dubbed "Fabio" was repeatedly caressing his hair and then . . . and I am not kidding here . . . .kissed his hair. Joel and I looked at each disbelievingly ("did we really just see that??) and began to giggle like schoolgirls. I know it sounds mean, but some of the other barstoolers noticed this behavior and were also audibly amused. Even the waitress couldn't help but suppress a chuckle.

What followed can only be described as an "MST3K" moment. It was as if all of us at the bar were watching a bad movie, and couldn't resist interjecting our own dialogue. Fabio happened to sitting with a bald man, so one of the barstoolers commented, "That's just mean! He's taunting the bald guy! 'I have hair and it's simply fabulous. Aren't you jealous?'" Everyone at the bar erupted into a cacophony of laughter.

This entertainment lasted for a solid 30 minutes, in which Fabio would not stop fondling his hair. I mean seriously, I was ready to ask him and his hair to get a room. Fabio and his hair "sashayed" away (to quote one of the barstoolers). When he stood up, we all noticed his undersized blue t-shirt which served no purpose other than to highlight his over-sized pecs.

Honestly, I do feel a bit bad for making fun of this anonymous Fabio, but believe me when I tell you, you too would have been greatly amused. Plus, Joel and I were able to make some wonderful new acquaintances with our bar-colleagues (we exchanged contact info), and I know we will stay in touch.

So, I really should say thank you to Fabio. Thank you for making Joel and I laugh our a$$es off, and for helping us make some new friends!


Anonymous Heather said...

Fabio! Fabio! Fabio -The Robets from MST3K

2:57 PM

Blogger Grant Miller said...

That was me. Thanks.

8:34 PM

Blogger irshal said...

Wow?? Really? It was you visiting Cambridge all the way from Illinois ;) Nice blog by the way!

8:56 PM


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