What Do These Three Have in Common? Fireworks, Stomach and Brains

Happy belated July 4th everyone! It has been a record lapse since my last entry, but I had another house guest, and just assumed a new role within my company. As you can imagine, its been a bit crazy. But, my head is finally above water and as always, I am KEENLY anticipating the upcoming weekend - which will basically be spent watching World Cup Soccer and enjoying the warm weather (that I am confident we will get!)

Otherwise, I do feel a bit remiss in not participating in the patriotic July 4th activities at the Esplanade. Instead, I hung out in the North End and enjoyed a very public display of Italian patriotism, which was in full-force after their victory over the German home team. I had just said goodbye to my good friend Eric, who spent the long weekend visiting me from NYC (Eric and I originally met in New Zealand back in 2001 and we have stayed in touch every since). I was sad to see him go, as it was the first time in a couple of years we had the chance for a proper catch-up. Eric is one of these rare people with an amazing zest for life and child-like wonderment that I have always respected and admired - not to mention, he also has so much energy, I would kill for the 1/10th that resides in his left pinky!

It was fun to see Boston through his eyes - Eric wanted to explore as much of the city as possible during his brief stay here. Like me, he is also a huge film buff (we share an ardent passion for the Lord of the Rings trilogy) so of course, we went to see the new "Superman" (a fun ride, and loved Parker Posey) and he humored me by going to see "The Devil Wears Prada" (the first 15 minutes were really funny, but it was downhill from there with the exception of a deliciously nasty Meryl Streep). We supped at a spectacular French restaurant, "Craigie Street Bistro" and enjoyed some great wine, and a 6 course meal picked entirely by the chef. It was a culinary adventure, which included things like sheep's brain, pig stomach and some more "traditional dishes". We didn't up from the dinner table until 1am.

Otherwise, I am now chellaxing in front of my television, watching the "Battlestar Gallactica" series on DVD. Yes, I am a full-blown geek . . . but I am very much enjoying my sci-fi guilty pleasure ;)


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