Mother's Day Re-Visited

As luck would have it, I spent the bulk of my day in bed with strep throat. Ick. As many commented, my voice has dropped a couple of octaves, making me an ideal candidate for a new job at 976-LOVE. The worst part was not being able to help my mother out at her flower store today. She was able to get some last minute assistance, but I still regretted my inability to help. I basically slept for most of the day, and during my waking hours, watched movies. I watched "Flight Plan", which despite being an action/thriller managed to bore me to tears. Please don't waste precious hours of your life watching this movie...I beg you.

Just as the rain, illness and doldrums were starting to take their toll on my already seriously waning spirits, my mother decided to bring mother's day to me! After she closed her store down for the day, she picked up my sister and they both came over. I rustled us some dinner, and we all watched the HBO line-up. (Actually, my exhausted mother fell asleep on the couch and is snoozing as I type this).

On another note, I was very sorry to hear about Yankee Matsui's wrist incident. The surgery to repair his wrist was deemed a success. I am a die-hard Red Sox fan, but Matsui is the one Yankee player I actually respect. Get well soon Matsui - otherwise, playing your team won't be as much fun!


Blogger irshal said...

Saw this on the Onion about Matsui and had to post:
Doctors: Still 50-50 Chance That Broken Bone Will Mean Euthanasia For Matsui

NEW YORK—Surgeons for the New York Yankees say that although Hideki Matsui seems to be healing satisfactorily two weeks after undergoing surgery to repair the broken left wrist he suffered May 11 against the Red Sox, there is still an outside chance that the outfielder will have to be put down. "You obviously don't want to think in those terms, since besides being a valuable property, he's been a real competitor," said Dr. Stuart Rosenwasser, the Yankees team physician, who performed the surgery and has been observing Matsui's recovery in a special padded stall. "It's no exaggeration to say Hideki's been a real horse for this team." If worst does come to worst, owner George Steinbrenner has said that Matsui would be put to rest along the third-base line along with euthanized Yankee greats Joe DiMaggio (bone spur) and Lou Gehrig (broken leg).

11:45 AM

Blogger Kala said...

Gosh, isnt Onion so funny - that should be mandatory reading for all serious news lovers. Reading this post reminded me of Barbaros painful bone breaks. Lou Gehrig was my ultimate hero growing up after reading a biography book about him - the Iron Horse. Anyway, if you have not Googled King Kamehameha yet, you can read my post to get a gist of whats the fuss about King Kamehameha

Hope u keep posting - I love reading your writings. I'm off to Waikiki for the block party in memory of the king.

2:10 AM


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