Adventures in Mac Land!

I almost closed the door on Mac last night. The MacPro book was frustratingly slow, and I was beginning to wonder if all the die-hard Mac junkies were taking some pretty big bong hits. For starters, the MacPro book was slower than my 2 year old Dell. Then, it crashed repeatedly (so much for the "super stable" Mac OS I had heard so much about). So, I got on the phone with the Apple Support people (actually, it was a nice Canadian gentleman...I could tell by the way he said "against") and learned that I had a DUD! On my lunch break, I walked back into the Apple Store and they promptly replaced said dud with a brand spanking new MacBook Pro. Now, I have not had time to play on this new one (that will be a Sunday afternoon activity), but from the brief time spent on it today, it's an AMAZING machine. WOW...I may be ready to scrawl my name on the dotted line and officially pledge my loyalty to Macdom.

On a related note, I have been doing a lot of reading about Dual Core CPU's, and I got a tickle out a Wired review on Dual Core Window-based PCs. (Yes, my shiny new issue arrived yesterday, and I was giddy with delight.) They purposefully did not review the MacPro book because "it runs Mac OS X. That'd be like, um, comparing Apples to oranges." That's funny shi*t. (For all you bloggers reading this, I highly recommend buying the latest Wired issue, which is chock-full-o-vlogging info and great vlog websites).


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