Mother's Day Madness

I am spending a quiet night at home tonight, something which I have not done in quite some time. Despite the nasty weather, I have refused to let it stop me . . .My friend Steve and I headed to the Border Cafe on Monday to engage in some post-Cinco de Mayo revelry, and Tuesday and Wednesday was spent with some of my girlfriends. But, I need a break. I must refuel, for I have grueling weekend up ahead of me. Why you may ask? Mother's day...

So, my mother, in a bold and admirable career move decided to leave corporate America a couple of years ago to become her own boss. She purchased a Kabloom flower shop in Westford, and since then has been relentlessly toiling away. She works VERY long hours, and often engages in back-breaking work, but she still cannot wipe the silly grin off her face. She loves what she does, and loves her customers- yes, even Republican governors!

For those who are familiar with the flower business, you are undoubtedly aware that the two biggest days of the year for any flower shop are Valentine's Day, and yes - you knew this was coming - Mother's Day. Accordingly, for the past three years, I usually spend most of mother's day weekend working side by side with my mother, wrapping flowers, helping children chose flowers for mom, and talk down the occasional irrationally irate customers. And this year is no different - I'll be right there. It's my small way of giving back to mom, because I have a feeling that sending her a bouquet of flowers just isn't going to cut it. And hell, she did give birth to me and put up with me all of these years.

So, if any of you haven't already ordered your mom flowers, please contact my mother's Kabloom and she (or I) will take care of it, even if she isn't local. And, those of you with out-of-state mothers and nothing to do on Sunday, feel free to stop by and hang out with mom and I at Kabloom!


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