The Bastard People Finally Turned the Heat On!

It has been one bone chilling cold day for me. For whatever reason, the bastard people (aka my apartment's management company) refused to turn the heat on. I live in a pre-war brownstone, and all 40 or so units are controlled by a giant boiler in the basement. While we can all regulate the heat in our individual apartments, that is only useful insofar as the bastard people actually turn the heat ON. So, today was a work from home day, and it was painful. I worked while clad in two sweatshirts, jeans, wool socks and my winter boots (and my feet still could not thaw). Had a myriad of conference calls and other things not prevented me from doing so, I would have gladly planted myself in the local Peets Coffee to work. Ick.

I was already feeling a bit under the weather this morning when I woke up, but the permanent chill in the air has made it official - I am sick. The flu like symptoms have made a nasty appearance, and I type this having just taken my shot of NyQuil (let the medical inebriation begin!) I give myself about 10 more minutes or so until the meds kick in and I pass out. I was originally intending to meet a friend for dinner tonight at Skipjacks, but cancelled because the incessant yawning, sneezing, sniffling and general malaise would have made me rather unpleasant company. Now, one of my friends postulated I may be getting allergies, which I have never had in my life (something of a blessing). Apparently, allergies can afflict you as you get older. As if aging didn't suck already!

Of course, the irony is that the bastard people turned the heat on about 30 minutes ago (around 11pm). Not that I m complaining, but . . .


Anonymous dea said...

In landlord provided heat situations, Mass code says that rooms gotta be at least 68 degrees (64 at night) until June 15.

2:34 PM

Blogger irshal said...

Thanks for the tip!

8:15 PM


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