Junebug, A Must See

I watched "Junebug" last night, and I can honestly say that a movie hasn't touched me this much in a long time. No other movie has had such a resounding impact on me, save "You Can Count on Me". The Junebug script was amazing, but honestly, the power of the movie wasn't so much in what was said, but more in what wasn't said. The awkward silences and the long close-up of the character's facial expressions were more poignant than the dialogue. Don't get me wrong - the dialogue was great. But that parts that stick out to me more than anything were the silences. Each character in this film was crying out to speak and communicate but for their own reasons, they were unable to do so - each trapped inside their own prison. At times, I wanted to shake some of the characters and beg, PLEAD with them to say something.

Of particular note is Amy Adam's performance. The strained smiles and the obvious pain behind her character's eyes, literally ripped my heart out from my chest. She got a well-deserved Oscar nod for her performance in this movie. ( Who would have thought an actress from "Wedding Crashers" and "The Office" could be so amazing).

I recognize that I do not have the requisite writing skills to do this film justice, but believe me when I say this movie is good for the soul. I have only scratched the surface, and I am sure movie critics are currently scoffing at my trite thoughts. But, my two faithful readers - my point is to merely encourage you to see this movie. On a more shallow note, I have a new crush on the male lead in this move, Alessandro Nivola. Wow.

For those of you who are wondering. Yep, I am now a proud MAC user. I have officially sold my soul to Steve Jobs.


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