Thoughts at the Airport

I have been sitting on my keister at Logan International airport trying to get on a flight to Chicago. My first flight was severely delayed because apparently, a vital plane part is missing and they had to order it. Since then, I have been on standby for two flights and have been unable to board either flights. I am beginning to think that the likelihood of me making it to Chicago today is about as likely as me winning $10 Million dollars on my upcoming trip to Las Vegas (a girl can dream no?). I have been shuttling between terminals with another gaggle of passengers who are stuck in the same predicament.

In the grand scheme of things, it's not so bad. Internet access (as evidence by my blog entry), CNN and some colorful conversation make the delay quite bearable. I really love to people watch, and airport delays make for some perfect people-watching fodder. Usually, I am able to make some significant sightings, and I am seriously debating writing a book on "travelers of the world", as there are clearly archetypes on every flight. Here are some of the common breeds of passenger sightings:

- The Salesmen: They can usually be identified by the Bluetooth headset and blackberries. They pace the waiting lounge like expectant fathers, passionately discussing their latest sale. If one does not notice the headset, you might be tempted to think they are talking to themselves.

- The Glamour Doll: The perfectly coifed, beautifully dressed women reading "Glamour" or "Vogue". The airport is the perfect time to catch up on the latest "10 Ways to Please Your Man";

- The Old Married Couple: They are usually sitting side by side, and don't utter a word during the entire wait, no matter how long the delay (I do so often want to know what they are thinking);

- The College Student: These are clearly identifiable by the myriad of college paraphanelia that they are wearing (hats, sweatshirts, T-shirts etc.) They are usually reading a Vonegut book, or something VERY intellectual (or at least, pretending to read it);

- The Loud Ones: Usually a very vociferous group that is sadly mistaken into thinking that everyone else in the waiting lounge thinks that what they are discussing is hilarious (this breed annoys me the most, but alas, they are the most common);

- The Angry Man: Sometimes, this breed is mistaken for the Loud Ones. While they are indeed loud, these can be distinguished by their frequent use of explitives, visible huffing and puffing, and constant harrassment of the gate attendant; and

- The Laptopers (including myself): easy to spot. Usually sitting down on a chair (or often, the floor) and furiously typing away.

Ok - time to move onto another gate. As expected, I wasn't able to get onto this flight. I m hoping I can get a seat on the 11am!


Blogger Kala said...

What a thorough and detailed observation - I think I recognize most of them - what about the solo or pair backpackers traveling round the world? I see some of those from time to time and they are so ez to pick out =)

6:53 AM

Blogger Kala said...

hope you got the flight out! and not still at the airport =)

5:26 AM

Anonymous Heather said...

I feel for you! My redeye from Arizona was delayed an hour then sat for another half hour on the runway, nothing like making that long flight longer!

11:05 AM


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