Star Sighting . . . What Ever Shall I Make of It?

So, its 1am and I just got home...but, I refuse to go to bed without my blog of the day. It's pouring outside, and I need a little time to dry off anyway. (I am completely exhausted, so readers please be kind). It has been a long day, but a pleasant day, and despite the foul weather, good company kept me in good spirits. Of worthy note is my happenstance encounter with Ben Affleck while on my morning walk with Murphy. Apparently, Mr. Affleck is renting a wee "bungalow" in Cambridge (translation - a multi-million dollar mansion). While I have always been a big fan of his brother-in-film, Matt Damon (hubba-hubba), I must say that Mr. Affleck is actually much better looking in person. Don't worry Matt, you are still my one and only. Hands down.

I have had many past star sightings: Peter Jackson (wahoo), Rachel Griffith (meow - she is my total girl crush), Sam Neil, Bo Jackson (in a Burger King of all places), Rosie O'Donnell, Bobby Orr, Liam Neeson, Tom Green and Drew Barrymore (during their 6 month marriage) and others. Past star sightings have usually been followed by significant events, so I am not quite what to make of this one. . . We shall see.

Oh no, I am getting sucked into "Elizabeth" on HBO (HBO junkie that I am) - I knew it was bad news to turn on the television.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lucky! I've never really seen anyone worth telling about. I still look out for John Malkovich every time I walk down the street near your house.

1:22 PM

Blogger Christophe DeGregory said...

I have not had too many start sightings. However, here is my list.

- Gunner Hanson: Most notable for his role as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Very large human. Oh yeah, I waited on him while working at the Opera House in Bar Harbor, ME.

- Susan Sarandon: Working at the same place. Her and Tim Robbins have a home there.

- Scott Hamiton: Yes, the figure skater. While working at the Paper Patch in the Old Port.

- The Red Sox: That is a gimme.

- Bobby Orr: I was with you at the Bay Bank Christmas party.

I am sure there are more. Had lunch with Wade Boggs. But I cannot think of any other famous people I have met, Phish. Come to think of it I did run into Jello Biafra at the Green Party convention in Portland. Cool post Rick Occasik at the Burlington Mall. This is getting silly...Pat Badger of Extreme.

7:14 PM


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