I've Gone Over to The Dark Side

After almost a year of research, head scratching and annoying the hell out of Apple employees, I finally did it. I purchased a Mac. Gasp. Faint. Guffaw. Pregnant Pause.

Maybe I was inspired by my virus infected work-issued Dell, or my ancient personal Dell PC, or simply that the weather is so piss-"pour" today (pun intended). I purchased my new computer, and I decided to spend the afternoon kicking the tires, a la Joe Isuzu. I have two weeks to try my MacBook Pro before making the ultimate decision to sell my soul to Steve Jobs. I cannot help but feel like I have been inducted into a new club (as all my Mac loving friends cheer me on) - or that I am finally outing myself. So far, it's been interesting. I am not particularly wowed just yet, but I have been running multiple applications, working with huge files and generally trying to kick the sh*t out of this thing. It's taken the beating quite well, and it has done it with much grace - I am very impressed with the OS and user interface. So far I keep asking myself if the price point on this computer is worth it. . .And, unless I am more "wowed" by it, I am not sure I can justify it.


Blogger lbn said...

Welcome. Help yourself to some Cool-Aid

4:30 PM

Blogger Christophe DeGregory said...


You did not go to the dark side...you just left the dark side. Buckle up for some needed bliss.


your bro

7:07 PM

Blogger Kala said...

the dark side is always much more fun ;)

2:13 AM


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