Mr. Potato Head

Yesterday, I drove down to Rhode Island to attend a meeting at Hasbro. From time to time, my job takes me to some really interesting places, and this was one of them. When I walked into the lobby, the receptionist desk was littered with various action figures - from Star Wars to My Little Pony. Of course, I picked them up and starting playing with them, and another gentleman in the lobby challenged me to a duel. I knew I would have fun. The best part of the visit was the office tour. The hallway entrance is littered with all things Mr. Potato Head - from the first prototype (paper body parts that would actually be tacked onto an actual potato) to a totally blinged-out-Swarovski-jewel encrusted Potato man. My guide regaled me with the whole history of the little guy, and I found myself strangely fascinated with his history. Next, we walked through the G.I. Joe section (yehaw..my brother and I were obsessed with Joe and his gang), and life-size Star Wars model. The Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite life-size model had me riveted!

But for the fact that I was there for work, I would have spent the day meandering the building and playing with all the toys. Life has been challenging as of late, so it was nice to be a kid again.


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