Summer Resolutions

I am so excited that the warmer weather is upon us. Finally. And with it comes my summer resolutions (my version of New Year's resolutions).

Goal 1: Get in Shape
My body has morphed into its post-winter blob-like state and once again, I find myself determined to get back in shape. I absolutely loathe the gym (they bore me to tears), but I also find the artifical environment de-motivating. I cannot repetitively climb up stairs (a la stairmaster) without ACTUALLY climbing up stairs or run to nowhere on a treadmill. I must feel that there is a purpose to such actions. So, last month, I partook in a auction for charity, in which I bid on a triathalon training package. Wouldn't you know it, I won! So, I have been assured a serious ass-kicking with Karen Smyers, a three time World Champion triathelete. I am very excited, very nervous, and I know I will be in for a world of pain. So far, I have the wonderful support of both friends and family which I know will be invaluable for this whole process.

Goal 2: Create My Website
I am in the midst of building my own website. This is a great learning experience, since admittedly, I know very little about the process invovled. But, I am determined to no longer sit by the sidelines and I have rolled-up my sleeves to get filthy dirty in the mud! I've picked up a couple of books and my brother was kind enough to give me a min-course in Cascading Style Sheets. Lots to soak in, but my spongy brain is ready for more!! My goal is to ultimately run my blog from this same website, but don't anyone hold your breath. You may pass out before it ever happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish i could join you and kick myself into shape as well!

10:37 AM


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