I am a MySpace Crack Whore

When my sister first introduced me to myspace, I really thought nothing of it. I created a space for myself and added my sister and some other known users as friends. That has ALL changed. After staying up until midnight with my siblings trolling through my space and looking up old friends, I am officially addicted. The "coup de gras" was finding one of my oldest friends from elementary school just today. On a whim, I searched for her name and found her. I will never forget the ill-fated day that her and her mother moved to New Mexico. My little 9 year old eyes wept and wept until I had run out of tears. To this day, I have tried finding her by running google searches, reaching out to former elementary school alum and looking through old letters to find any clue to her whereabouts. I am literally in a state of shock that I have found her. Now, for those of you who know me, I will soon be embarking on a quest to find my real father. If only finding him is as easy as doing a MySpace search . . .

I'm sure Fox, which recently acquired MySpace, is very happy to feed my growing addiction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man oh man... It happens to the best of us. I only hope you don't end up wasting as much time as I do on myspace. My life is spinning outta control!

What friend did you find?

1:53 PM

Blogger irshal said...

It was a friend of mine from bilingual school (from WAY back in the days).

4:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes!! so when ARE you coming to visit me in this glorious land of Enchantment called New Mexico???


11:06 AM


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