The Play Reviews are In! It's "OK"

So, I got a chuckle out of our review in Boston's Metro. We were "OK"!! I love that our review and my picture are sandwiched next to the latest trump wife, a Paris Hilton wanna-be and Sudoku. Being a self proclaimed Sudoku fiend, I particularly enjoyed that. I am certainly surrounded by some worthy ladies - I guess its the one time I can say I got to share some of the spotlight. I'll take what I can get ;)


Anonymous Drew said...

Congrats on the ok play! I'm sure your celebrity status will enable you to get behind the plate bosox tickets without any problem...

4:10 PM

Blogger irshal said...

I will do my best to procure tickets and will use *whatever* means necessary. Hehehe..and, worry not - you will catch the footie!!

4:49 PM

Anonymous drew said...

...and so you deliver! Love ya!

4:07 PM


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