My Transformation to the Dark Side Is Complete

It has been some time since I have updated everyone on my indoctrination into the cult of MAC. As you all know, my first MacBook Pro was a dud and to their credit, the good people at Apple replaced it with a new one. Alas, the second one was also a dud. It was part of the same serial number series, which upon further research, I learned was simply a rotten batch. So, back to the store I trodded (is that a word?), and again, Apple did right by me. In fact, they just gave me an better, more powerful machine on the spot. I am going on the end of month 1 with my new machine, and I am happy. Very happy.

In honor of being officially brainwashed, I wanted to share this very funny YouTube video. It is very ironic that I have made the Mac switch, now that Apple has embraced Intel chips, no?

In keeping with the Star Wars theme, I also couldn't resist sharing a Robot Chicken clip from Adult Swim that had me laughing my keister off. Star Wars junkies enjoy ("Oh Geez, he's crying").


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