"I See Famous People"

Alright. I am seriously reconsidering naming my blog "encounters with the famous." While my sister and I were making our way to Hah-vahd Squah-re, we walked right by Mr. John Malkovich. I always knew he was a neighbor, but I heard that since the Boston Globe outed him (announced that he had just purchased a home in Cambridge) he didn't frequent my town that often. Apparently, he is back!

In any event, I am basking in the glow of my first sunburn. While it is a bit painful, I am just so happy that the weather has gotten nice enough to give me a burn. My cheeks are all rosy, and I feel so happy. I have spent the last two days cycling, so my back is a bit red and sitting down can be a *bit* uncomfortable, but it's all worth it! I just came back from taking Murphy to the park with my neighbor and his dog and am taking a break before heading out to dinner.

I realize today's entry is all over the place, so I'll keep it up. I watched two good movies this weekend and I highly recommend them: Transamerica (hats off to Ms. Huffman), and Shopgirl (suprisingly touching). Also, "Sinatra Sunday" at Lucky's in South Boston is a lot of fun - if the Rat Packs your thang, check it out.

Enough blogging for me. I'm off to enjoy a couple more hours of Memorial Day Weekend before it all ends . . .


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