Thou Shalt Not Blog In Anger

Yesterday, you may have noted that I did not post my usual end of the day thoughts. By the time I got home from an evening with friends in the North End, I realized that I probably was not in the best mood to blog. In fact, I was quite angry. Now that I have had some time to cool off, and let the steam dissipate from between my ears, I can blog safely once again.

So, why the anger, you may ask? It's a stupid thing really, but its the principle of the event that really p*d me off. When I got back to my car last night, parked on the corner of Prince and Snowhill, I found that someone had smashed my driver-side mirror. Yes, yes, I know - this sort of sh*t happens all the time in the North End - the tight little streets and sharp corners don't help. However, based on the way my mirror was bent, it was clear that my car was hit by someone driving up the one way street, going the wrong way. Ok, ok, yes this too always happens in the North End - invariably, the myriad of tourists driving around in their rental cars always end up going the wrong way on a one-way street. (Granted, this may not have been necessarily caused by a car - a pedestrian walker-by may have found my car offensive - but pfaa, I'll never know.)

Still, this was not what truly incensed me.

What was it you ask? It's the fact that some cop was standing 5 feet away from my car when it happened. I kid you not. When I approached the barely pre-pubescent police officer about the "incident" he scratched his head, thought for a little bit, shifted his weight...and gave me such a blank stare, I really wondered if there was anything going on upstairs. "Um...I m not sure what happened, but you can call the office and file a report." I quickly realized that continuing this discussion would be about as effective as trying to boil the ocean, so I acquiesced and walked back to my car to assess the damage. I called my friend Matt so that I could borrow a pair of wire cutters to cut through the sinew like wires by which the mirror was dangling on the side of my car and made my way home sans driver-side mirror (which was really weird...I never realized how much I relied on that mirror until last night).

Alright, so it was an evening of unfortunate events. And no, I am will not throw the Boston PD under a bus for this incident...I really think the kid on duty just didn't have a clue. I am now in the process of ordering the new car part, and Matt will help me re-attach the appendage. As he aptly pointed out last night "this will be your chance to learn to use a soldering gun."


[sidebar: while reading my RSS Feeds, I stumbled upon this story from wired about a Second Life player suing the company in state court over a bum "virtual land" deal. The laywer in me is VERY curious to see the eventual disposition of this matter.]


Blogger Dave Pye said...

See if he'll fix the knob on my air conditioner while he's at it. I am voting for him tomorrow, afterall.

4:43 PM

Blogger Kala said...

that sucks - I tend to "fold" my rear view mirror in after parking on the street - that happens from time to time when rear view mirrors clash inadvertently - hope you got it fixed by now.

12:03 AM

Blogger irshal said...

It actually has been a royal pain in the arse trying to get that thing fixed. Who ever would have guessed that fixing a bloody mirror would be so damn complicated!

10:17 AM


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